Video Ideas

Marketing with YouTube

Upload & Edit Video In YouTube

Create YouTube account

2 min video

Upload video, add description, website, annotations, stability, colors, darkness

5 min video

YouTube Editor to edit & combine videos

login      bowtie= add transition

or            login     click on upload  video editor on right  8 minutes

Get email notifications of Youtube Videos posted

Go to Youtube. On left column click on Manage Subscriptions

                You will see your subscriptions. Click on the box that says Send Me Updates

When that subscription posts a new video you will get a notification by email.

How to embed a video  3 minutes

Editing software

Using imovie on the iphone 4

YouTube and SEO

Video Editing for non-editors


James Wedmore iphone equipment list



Cable Converter

Wired Lav

Female XLR to Minijack

Tripod Mount

White Balance Card

Shot gun ipad iphone mike



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